My First Cosplay in akihabaraday

Hello  everyone ^_^

Today I will share my first experience be a cosplayer. first cosplay event I attended was "akihabaraday 2" in Pekanbaru. Event on jatra hotel. I went with my friends. on this event I became nero from devil may cry.

in this picture you can see me many mistake and not use make up. Because i don't know how use it. and my friend be predator from alien vs predator

We follow the competition in akihabaraday. I get number 4 and my friend get number 13 for perform in stage. Because it's my first time I perform I get nervous and make mistake in stage ~_~

All of picture is the perform I do in  stage. You can see me with all my perform. I feel cool ^_^. After that i fell happy because one of them get trophy and winners the competition

sorry if my english is bad, but I'll try harder next time and thank you for reading and following my blog ^_^

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