My first Trophy In Riau University Competition

hello everyone

Today I will share my experience of winning the cosplay competition organized by the University of Riau

This event was held at the University of Riau with more than 10 participants. the participants came from pekanbaru and from various communities.

In this event, I use the same costume at the time of akihabaraday ie nero devil may cry.

I do exercises and updates costumes and perform in order to perform perfectly.

In perform, my sword in broken and I feel like a failure. But I continue to bear regardless of the sword. I feel there is no hope of winning

the next day the announcement turned out I got rank 1 and I feel happy for it. I continued to try and improve my experience ^ _ ^

Thank you for always support and see my experience. I hope i will be master in a cosplay and have many friend with all cosplayer in a world ^_^

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