The Big Honda Event In Pekanbaru

hello everyone ^_^

Today I will share my experience when I attended one of the great cosplay competition by Honda. Honda is one of the major motor company in Indonesia.

In this event honda inviting 3 star guess that ying tze from malaysia, pinky Luxun and punipun from Indonesia. And I became one of the participants of the cosplay competition.

At this event I use Akimichi Chouji butterfly mode from Naruto. I practiced for 2 weeks. and I was assisted by secret team. Iron team is the team that first time I introduce a secret team.

When performing a lot of people are amazed at my appearance. And I managed to perform without failure.

after that, I met with a guess star to talk and dinner with them .I feel very happy because can perform the best. although not win Y_Y

Sorry if my english is bad, but I'll try harder next time and thank you for reading and following my blog ^ _ ^

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