Travelling In Comic Fiesta 2014 in Malaysia

hello everyone ^_^

Today I will share my experience to enter the Event Comic fiesta. At this event I attended as a visitor to enjoy this event. I just came on the second day because I was late departing from Indonesia. This event is very crowded with cosplayers who not only from malaysia. But there is coming from European countries.

At this event I use Akimichi Chouji cosplay from Naruto series shippudent.Saya hope when I spent there I found my old friend.

When I got there, I was confused where I was going. I spent 30 minutes to find its place. and finally I got there safely ~ _ ~.

When it came I was very surprised because suddenly I was invited to join their team. I gladly accepted it and I continue to follow the event with pleasure. ^ _ ^. Sorry if my english is bad, but I'll try harder next time and thank you for reading and following my blog ^ _ ^
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